Joe Gamez

Joe Gamez

Owner & Coach

Squat: 410

Deadlift: 520

1/2 Marathon 1:54:12

Bench Press: 315

Grace: 2:17 Rx

35+ Spartan Race Completions


Conjugate Powerlifting

Spartan Racer

About Coach

130 - 150 - 180 - 210+. That was my body weight from the end of my wrestling season into the joys of adulthood and joining the workforce. In just a matter of years, I had accumulated 80+ pounds of mass. I grew up athletic and capable my whole life and somehow, it all slipped away. I've been fit, not so fit, and everything in between. Fast forward 8 years later and now I can confidently say I've conquered thousands of miles of mountains, completed various fitness challenges, and happily live the life I've known I was capable of achieving.

Turning Point

It's hard to say exactly what made me change it all. Maybe I was tired of my clothes fitting tighter and tighter. I know I wasn't happy about the photos that I was a part of. My family constantly reminded me that I had gotten bigger. I was frustrated with starting over at the gym every month. I was just tired. Tired of all of it. Believe it or not, I actually started CrossFit with a gamble on Groupon. 30 days to try something new. 30 days to see if I like this weird, but familiar style of working out. I got my butt handed to me day after day. I barely finished workouts and constantly got time-capped. I battled with the idea that people who weren't as strong as me, were in fact, more fit than I was. It was a real challenge. I set goals. First, finish a workout. Then finish more workouts consistently. Then don't be last on the leaderboard. Then go after the next person. I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. This was it; I found my new passion.

Motivation & Passion

I'm here to help anyone that wants to put in the work. I learned the hard way. There are no shortcuts. There is no easy way. There is nothing but good old-fashioned hard work and determination, but a good plan and a strong community can go a long way in making that journey accessible.

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